At Heart Fire Eastern Therapies, it is my hope to offer you a range of rare but effective treatments all under one roof. So that you are free to select the best option on the day, my prices are based upon time spent upon the treatment and not the mode of therapy!

Prices are as follow:

First treatment (60 minutes) = £55

Cosmetic = £85

Subsequent treatments

Up to 30 minutes £35

31-60 minutes £60

Cosmetic 60 minutes= £95

90 minutes =£85

Cosmetic =£125

120 minutes =£110

Cosmetic =£160

For auricular acupuncture it is possible to treat 2 people at once in a socially distanced manner with full Covid compliance, this can be done for a combined price of £40 (£20 each) for 30 minutes.

I also believe that your commitment to me and ultimately your own health should be rewarded, so I also offer package deals!

Block bookings

10 non cosmetic treatment hours for £450 which must be used up within 2 months of the purchase date, these hours can also be used by any member of your family* on completion of an initial assessment and clinical input forms**.

10 cosmetic treatment hours £840

***6-month season ticket (you and your family)– 4 treatment hours per month payable in 6 monthly instalments of £160.

For serving emergency services, teachers, armed forces or veterans, individual discounted package deals can be worked out dependent upon your therapy requirements and financial situation.

*Children up to the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, or guardian at-all times, between 16 and 18 a signed letter of consent is required before treatment.

** All people treated at Heart Fire Eastern Therapies, require the completion of a full clinical input form and initial consultation. 

*** These packages can be frozen for a maximum of 3 months if circumstances require it, I am happy to discuss any issues.