Other Practices

Advance cupping (fire and dry):

An ancient technique that works wonders on injuries all over the body. Using cups to draw stagnation up to the surface of the skin in-order for the body to purify the blood and heal the area. This came to prominence during the Bejing Olympics, and rapidly becomes a firm favourite once tried. I am trained in the use of advanced techniques, utilising cups to great effect on many issues.

Advanced Gua Sha:

Gua Sha practiced all over the far east, offering benefits both therapeutic and cosmetic. The use of a tool to stimulate blood flow to an area, increasing healing and wellbeing. This is often mistaken for the Graston Muscle scraping technique. However, Gua Sha has a far older pedigree, being used for pain, mobility and scars.

Manual Lymphatic drainage:

Modern, gentle and effective, offering a fast non stressful way of detoxing the body. Whether you are in the process of cleaning your system with a detox program, or are retaining fluids for medical reasons, manual lymphatic drainage can be of immense help to you.

Geothermal stones

Use of heated basalt stones to target an area and promote healing, this is a great relaxation treatment, using the heat and a little Chinese medical knowledge to really target tension in the body.

 Warm Bamboo:

A very new (but proving to be very popular) therapy, offering all the benefits of hot stones with more flow and release. This really targets the stress, with that warm relaxing feeling of the warm bamboo sticks melting away your worries.

Lomi Lomi:

A modern take on an ancient Hawaiian practice, incorporating fascial work into a sensual massage experience. This is a very Yin style developed over 20 years by Hawaiian trained master. Best described as waves breaking over the body, as the moves can flow from head to toe and back again as well as concentrating on each area specifically.

This is a treatment that is blissful and good for the soul. I would recommend discussing the procedure with me before booking a treatment, as Lomi Lomi involves a lot of bare skin.


This involves the treatment of the body’s bio energetic field. It is a very gentle treatment involving minimal to no contact.

Natural facial treatment: use of massage, cupping, Gua Sha and cosmeceutical products to bring out the inner beauty naturally. This is normally a 60 minute treatment.