About Brian

Hello everyone, my name is Brian, the founder of Heart Fire Eastern Therapies. I started this journey in 2016 having suffered a series of TIAs (mini strokes) caused by overwork, stress, and a lot of poor lifestyle decisions. Faced with the prospect of my health preventing me form earning a living, I decided to learn a therapy to fall back on, that was the start of my journey down the rabbit hole. I quickly came to realise that I had a passion for the therapies I was learning, and they were giving me a level of healing that was far better than the prescribed medication.

Up until 2020, every therapy I learned was to treat on a new level, this allowed me not only to self-heal but also to judge how effective a therapy is. The therapies I have chosen also lend themselves to being mixed in a session, so that you get the best possible healing outcome from your treatment. The mix of therapies I offer, you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Heart Fire Eastern Therapies has evolved with me and will continue to evolve in the future as I continue to bring the most effective therapies to my clients. This last year or so has left us all with issues to address, whether it be anxiety, poor posture, or muscular-skeletal problems. It is my goal to help you on your path back to being the person you should be!


  1. Having had a working life in construction cut short due a car accident and then a bad fall and having had treatment and pills from the health provider with no improvement I was at the end of the road.
    Brian’s treatments did wonders for me. Physically Iam much better than I ever expected to be. I cannot thank Brian or recommend him enough.

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